These Stackable, Collapsible Storage Bins Kept Me Sane While
Credit: Bed Bath & Beyond

This Stackable, Collapsible Storage Bin Kept Me Sane While Moving

This crate couldn’t be easier to use, fold up and store wherever you need to.
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Moving can be a real pain. You use so many cardboard boxes to transport your stuff, then have to find a way to recycle them afterwards. Instead of breaking down more boxes than I'd care to admit, I am using the CleverMade CleverCrate to keep me sane while I move into a new place. Whether you are moving or just trying to get organized, the CleverCrate is the answer to your storage needs.

CleverMade® CleverCrate 45-Liter Collapsible Utility Crate in Grey
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Bed, Bath & Beyond

This CleverCrate might be collapsible, but don't let that fool you. Its sturdy design holds up to 66 pounds at a time. It also snaps open and closed so you can be sure it's securely in place for safe use. The handles on the side even have grips for easy carrying. The box is 20.9 inches in length, 14.6 inches wide and 10.6 inches high, making it a comfortable carrying size, which is great when making multiple trips. Once it collapses, the crate becomes only 2.4 inches wide so it can be easily stowed in a cabinet, closet or shelf. Plus, one crate is only $14.99 on

I have always appreciated the sleek design of the CleverCrate, but have never loved it so much as when I'm moving. It is durable, secure and holds an impressive amount of stuff, making it perfect for transporting belongings. The CleverCrate is also a great companion to the grocery store, farmers' market, and especially for wholesale stores like Costco. Use this crate made of recycled materials rather than the cardboard boxes they offer. When I am done using it or need to clear some space, I simply fold it up and slide it under the sink.

The CleverMade CleverCrate is the perfect bin for moving and is great as a durable storage bin, too. You can use it for everything from stowing cleaning supplies to carrying groceries. Get one (or a few) for all of your storage needs.