ShopHeartmade - 18k Gold Plated Turquoise Chain Face Mask Lanyard, Mask Necklace, Face Mask Chain, Face Mask Holder, Mask Chain, Mask Lanyard, Mask Strap
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The 6 Cutest Mask Chains You Can Buy Online

Keep your mask close by with these stylish and functional chains.
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As more people get vaccinated, the CDC has updated their mask guidelines for fully vaccinated people. While those who are fully vaccinated don't need to wear a mask during a small outdoor gathering or dining at an outdoor restaurant, there are still situations where wearing a mask is necessary. Whether you're grocery shopping or waiting to be seated at an outdoor restaurant, it's always important to keep a mask on hand. And to help you keep track of your mask, a mask chain is the accessory you definitely need.

A mask chain is a lanyard that clasps on to the earloops of your face mask. When you're not wearing the mask, it will hang around your neck for easy access. These stylish and functional chains are perfect if you're out for a walk and run into a crowded area. They're also handy when you're dining out to eat and don't want to put your mask down on the table.

Check out our favorite mask chains below, and if you want to upgrade the whole look, check out these lightweight masks that are perfect for summer.

6 Mask Chains You Can Buy Online

ShopHeartmade -18k Gold Plated Paperclip Mask Chain with Charm Pendant, Face Mask Lanyard, Mask Necklace, Face Mask Holder, Mask Chain, Mask Lanyard
Credit: Etsy / ShopHeartmade

Mask Chain with Charm Pendant

This sleek mask chain is made from 18k gold and would complement any outfit. You can choose between two different charms: a star or a leaf.

Buy it: Etsy, $22

Moon Wood
Credit: Face Mas-k Holder Beaded Necklace Strap, Face Cover Lanyards Chains for Women

Beaded Face Mask Holder

If you're looking for a different look, this lanyard is made from beads. It comes in multiple color options including blue, yellow, white, pink and more.

Buy it: Amazon, $7

ShopHeartmade - 18k Gold Plated Turquoise Chain Face Mask Lanyard, Mask Necklace, Face Mask Chain, Face Mask Holder, Mask Chain, Mask Lanyard, Mask Strap
Credit: Etsy / ShopHeartmade

Turquoise Chain Face Mask Lanyard

This mask chain includes a turquoise charm to add a pop of color. It would look great attached to an equally colorful mask, like this pack of two masks from Athleta ($15). 

Buy it: Etsy, $24

USVUEVI Face Mask Lanyards, Mask Holder Adjustable Mask Lanyard with Clips Face Necklace Holder Strap for Women Men Comfortable Around the Neck Facemask Rest & Ear Saver
Credit: Amazon

Adjustable Face Mask Lanyard

This simple mask lanyard will become your new go-to accessory. With an adjustable strap, this lightweight chain is functional and comfortable. Plus, it comes with a pack of seven colorful lanyards, so you can match your masks each day of the week or divvy them up among your family.

Buy it: Amazon, $7 for a pack of seven

JWHOO Colorful Mask Lanyards (8PCS), Multifunction Glasses Lanyard, Wind Lanyard (with hook), Adjustable Reusable Face Mask Lanyard for Kids, Adults, Women, Men, Unisex
Credit: Amazon

Colorful Mask Lanyards

Reminiscent of the friendship bracelets you made as a kid, these lanyards are perfect for kids and adults alike. With a range of colors to choose from, everyone will love these bright and cheery chains.

Buy it: Amazon, $10 for a pack of four

SimpleCheers - Gold & Silver Personalized Facemask Lanyard, Face Mask Chain with Name.
Credit: Etsy / SimpleCheers

Personalized Mask Chain

We love this option because you can spell out your name, a nickname or your favorite phrase (it just has to be under 10 letters). We think this would be the cutest gift since it's totally customizable for the recipient. Opt for gold, white or rainbow beads for an extra fun touch.

Buy it: Etsy, $8 and up depending on customization