Salmon and vegetables on a Made In baking pan
Credit: Made In

This "Perfect Sheet Pan" Deserves a Spot in Your Cabinet—Here's Why

One reviewer calls the Made In sheet pan, “the best pan I have ever had.”

Whenever I need a simple and delicious meal, I turn to my sheet pan. Recipes like Sheet-Pan Chicken & Brussels Sprouts and Sheet-Pan Salmon with Sweet Potatoes & Broccoli are easy to prep and perfect for weeknight dinners. I love being able to relax while the oven does all of the hard work of making dinner. Plus, sheet-pan dinners make for easy cleanup.That's why I was thrilled to discover a new-to-me sheet pan that I will be testing out ASAP.

Made In's cookware is designed to make anyone feel like a pro in the kitchen, and they work with chefs to craft their products. The sheet pan was created with Chef Matt Horn of Horn Barbecue to produce a durable and lightweight item. Horn says, "With the product, you can tell that there's extreme craftsmanship...In order to have great food, you need to have extraordinary tools."

two sheet pans on a white background
Credit: Made In

Buy it: Made In, $19-$25 depending on size

While a professional, high-quality product might seem unnecessary (and expensive) for the home cook, hundreds of reviewers rave about the affordable product. One reviewer says it's "the perfect sheet pan and a good value." Meanwhile one 5-star review (of which there are over 700) notes that "they cook consistently and perfectly every time. And as the dishwasher in the family, I love how easily they wipe clean."

If you're looking to try this popular sheet pan for yourself, you can choose between two sizes: ¼ sheet pan, 9.5" by 13" by 1", or ½ sheet pan, 17.75" by 13" by 1". Both pans are oven-safe up to 450 ℉ and have an encapsulated rim. Unlike other pans, the encapsulated rim increases durability and prevents food or oil from getting trapped making it easy to clean, which should be done by hand.

This practical sheet pan is definitely worth testing out if you love to roast vegetables, bake cookies and any other delicious task you use an oven for. I'll be adding one to my cart immediately, and can't wait to make an easy sheet-pan dinner every week.