salami charcuterie
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Charcuterie Is the Latest Food Craze—Here Are the 7 Baskets Worth Sending Your Loved Ones

A gift basket of meat and cheese delivered right to my door? Sign me up.

Charcuterie is having a moment. There are endless riffs on the classic meat platter, including charcuterie houses, "jarcuterie" and even a "charcuter-tree". And while those variations are fun (and delicious) to make, they're better suited for an in-person activity. For many though, the holiday season will mean online gatherings, but you (and your loved ones) can still enjoy a charcuterie board together.

You can now ship a charcuterie box or cheese board to the foodies in your life. We've rounded up the best charcuterie gift ideas from Williams Sonoma for every meat- and cheese-loving person in your life.

The Best Charcuterie Gift Baskets

For People Who Prefer Meat Over Cheese

salami charcuterie
Credit: Williams Sonoma

Olli Charcuterie Set

This charcuterie set is for serious meat lovers. It contains four different products, including salame Calabrese, salame Napoli, sopressata and prosciutto, any of which would be delicious on a cracker.

Buy it:, $50

salami charcuterie set
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Olli Salumeria Assorted Salami Sampler

If salami is your favorite cured meat, this is the gift basket for you. It contains four different types of salami including Norcino, Napoli, Molisana and Toscano. (You could also consider getting your loved one a "salami stocking").

Buy it:, $50

prosciutto collection
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La Quercia American Prosciutto Varietal Collection

This prosciutto collection comes with three different styles including a classic prosciutto, acorn edition prosciutto (which has a nutty-sweet taste) and jamón Iberico Americano prosciutto (which has a bold flavor with a hint of sweetness).

Buy it:, $55

charcuterie gift box
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La Quercia Culinary Collection Kit

If your loved one prefers meat with a little spice, this charcuterie set is for them. It contains guanciale Americano, pancetta Americana and nduja Americana, which is a blend of cured meats flavored with red pepper.

Buy it:, $65

For People Who Prefer Cheese Over Meat

cheese and meat board
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Beehive Coffee Rubbed Cheese & Salami Collection

This box is courtesy of the Utah-based Beehive Cheese Company. It includes a wedge of semi-hard "barely buzzed" cheese, which has been aged for 7 months and has notes of lavender and espresso. In addition to the cheese, you'll also get salami casalingo, a jar of blood orange preserves and Pan Forte crostini, which is packed with dried cherries, cacao nibs, whole grains, seeds and nuts.

Buy it:, $60

cheese board
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Sweet Grass Dairy Cheese Charcuterie Collection

This collection is for all the cheese lovers in your life. It contains four different kinds of cheese from the Georgia-based company, including Green Hill, which is a soft-ripened, bloomy-rind double-cream cheese, and Thomasville Tomme, which is a semi-soft variety that's been aged at least 60 days. The box also includes salami and sourdough flatbread to create the ultimate bite.

Buy it:, $140

brie cheese board
Credit: Williams Sonoma

Lady & Larder Holiday Brie Box

Brie makes a delicious appetizer for any occasion. In this box, you'll get a wheel of brie and other ingredients that pair well with the creamy cheese like apples, walnuts, raisins and dried apricots. The box also comes with a serving board and mini serving utensils.

Buy it:, $200