Stacy Fraser, Test Kitchen Manager

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With a background in ecological agriculture and many past growing seasons under her belt, Stacy began her study of food in the field, literally.

Stacy has always closely linked growing and preparing healthy food, and farmed professionally for a brief time. Before joining the crew at EatingWell, Stacy managed the kitchen of breakfast and lunch hot spot Penny Cluse, in downtown Burlington, Vermont, where she learned how to make simple, delicious food from fresh ingredients.

Although she’s taken a break from growing vegetables at home, Stacy and her husband help orchestrate the garden at her son’s school and her family has a CSA (community-supported agriculture) share at a local farm and buys meat from a farmer down the road. At home, Stacy plans her meals a week at a time (using plenty of EatingWell recipes) so she can get dinner on the table in a hurry and avoid the daily conundrum of what’s for dinner.

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