Hilary Meyer, Associate Editor/Food

Hilary was fortunate to grow up believing that eating good, healthy food was simply the norm, since her family regularly cooked delicious meals together. Hilary’s culinary interested was piqued in a nutrition class she took at the University of Colorado at Boulder—one of the top healthy eating areas in the United States. Later, she attended the New England Culinary Institute—an experience that furthered her interest in food, Hilary loves spending her time with her 2-year-old daughter, Josie, and her husband, Russ, gardening in the great outdoors. She lives in South Burlington, Vermont.

10 Questions for Hilary Meyer

What is your favorite food?
HM: It changes almost on a daily basis. Right now, I’d have to say avocado, but tomorrow I’m thinking it will be anchovies. I really love anything with anchovies— like a good Caesar salad. Yum!

What is your least favorite food?
HM: I know it’s cool to like wasabi, but I really don’t like it. I wish I did, but I don’t.

What is your favorite EatingWell recipe?
HM: One recipe that I love that I make almost every week is Smoked Trout Hash with Mustard Greens. And then I serve it with a poached egg on top. I love that recipe.

What is your pet’s name?
HM: I have two cats—Lille Pus and Stor Pus. Loosely translated from Norwegian, it means Small Cat and Big Cat. I have a dog, too, named Dixie.

What is your favorite thing about working at EatingWell?
HM: All the great food and recipes to make at home, and the people of course!

What initially sparked your interest in food and nutrition?
HM: I was really lucky in that my entire family cooked really wonderful meals on a regular basis. I grew up thinking that eating really good food was the norm. As for nutrition, I went to college in Boulder, CO, one of the top healthy eating capitals of the West. I took a nutrition class there and I really enjoyed it.

What do you like to do during your time off?
HM: I like to cook, and work in the garden. When the weather is nice I enjoy doing just about anything outdoors.

What is your guiltiest culinary pleasure?
HM: I don’t like sweets very much, so I would have to say sausage. I really like pork sausage of just about any variety. Salty and juicy straight off the grill. I have to let myself have a link or two once in a while.

What is your favorite international fare?
HM: Yikes! This is hard! I love Mexican food. Good Mexican food—fresh corn tortillas, mole, enchiladas chiles… But I also love Italian, Thai, Lebanese, Chinese—I think I love them all the same. I can’t choose.

What three adjectives best describe your EatingWell experience?
HM: Tasty, nutritious and happy.

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