Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough, Contributing Editors

As authors of EatingWell’s “Serves Two” column, contributing editors Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough share stories of their life together in Colebrook, Connecticut, as well as their recipes. The creators of The Ultimate… cookbook series, Mark and Bruce may be familiar faces to many readers. They made regular appearances on The Today Show, CBS This Morning and The View to name a few.

Bruce studied culinary arts at Johnson & Wales, but made his name in food marketing. He published Frozen Drinks With or Without the Buzz in 1997, before beginning his collaborations with Mark, a former literature professor turned food writer. They published The Ultimate Ice Cream Book, their first book together, in 1999. Since then, 14 others have followed. The Ultimate Pizza Book will be released in January 2009.

10 Questions for Bruce and Mark

What is your favorite food?
B & M: After a day of recipe testing, anything from curried goat to rabbit provencal. We like to eat a simple dinner. A grass-fed steak grilled rare and a green salad would be our first choices any night. In the winter, when fresh veggies are hard to come by, we always keep a bowl of whole-grain salad (quinoa, wheat berries, tabbouleh) in the fridge.

What is your least favorite food?
B & M: We tend to avoid anything that tries too hard to be fancy. Blue cheese sauce just isn't necessary on a great cut of lamb or beef.

What is your favorite EatingWell recipe?
B & M: Not to blow our own horn too much, but our squash and ginger pie for Thanksgiving a few years ago was spectacular.

What is your pet's name?
B & M: We share 8 acres in the country with our collie named Dreydl. We got him on the first night of Hannukah.

What is your favorite thing about working for EatingWell?
B & M: It's probably writing our Serves 2 column. It gives us a chance to share a bit of our personal experience with food.

What initially sparked your interest in food and nutrition?
B & M: Mark's from Texas, where BBQ rules. New York is Bruce's hometown where pastrami and chopped liver was everything. Mouthwatering perhaps, but not good long-term health-conscious choices. Neither of us were going to give up delicious food, but wanted to combine that with healthier eating.

What do you like to do during your time off?
B & M: Give us a couple of plane tickets and a restaurant reservation to just about anywhere.

What is your guiltiest culinary pleasure?
B & M: We're not proud of it, but we've been known to stand over the sink and devour an entire lemon meringue pie with two forks.

What is your favorite international fare?
B & M: For 12 years, we lived within walking distance of Chinatown in New York. It's spoiled us rotten.

What three adjectives best describe your EatingWell experience?
B & M: Thoughtful. Insightful. Rewarding.

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