Healthy Snacks From the Gas Station

5 Healthy Snacks From the Gas Station

Our nutrition expert shares 5 of the healthiest road trip snacks to buy at a gas station. Her tips include ways to satisfy cravings both salty and sweet.

I'm getting ready to go on a road trip. And before I hit the road, I've got to stop at the gas station to get some gas for my car and some healthy snacks for me. That's right. You might be amazed at which healthy choices you can find at your gas station. Some have fresh cut-up fruit, vegetables. And I'm going to show you what else you can look for in case those aren't available at your gas station. Look for frozen fruit popsicles, which have about half the calories you'd find in a typical candy bar. Try to find ones with no added sugar. Beef jerky is actually a high-protein snack. And it's low in carbs, unlike other snack foods. Just try and find one with the least amount of sodium. Snack bars like Kind bars and Larabars are made with healthy ingredients like nuts and dried fruit. What's nice about these, too, is that they're pre-portioned so you won't accidentally eat four servings like you might with trail mix. If you've got a salty craving, nuts are the way to satisfy it. They're full of healthy fats and protein to keep your tummy full for the rest of your road trip. Another hidden gas station find is string cheese. These pre-portioned cheese sticks have protein, calcium, and most have less than 100 calories. So check your gas station's fridge section for those. There you go, guys. Those are my healthy gas station picks. So, fuel up before your next road trip. Enjoy!
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