's Diet Club: Julie's Story

EatingWell's Diet Club: Julie's Story

Hear Julie's weight loss success story of how she lost 20 pounds by walking and making healthy dinners with friends. Find out what worked for her to lose weight and you can try this too.

I had been frustrated with struggling to lose some weight. I was walking with my neighbors, who are also equally passionate about food, and trying to come up with a plan, a program that we could do ourselves to help each other reach our weight-loss and exercise goals. My neighbor, Judy, had a bunch of back issues of EatingWell magazine. And the great thing about it is, all the recipes were already analyzed for us; we knew how many calories per portion. And then dividing up those dishes between three of us, so we would end up cooking only once or twice a week for each other. The other nights, we were delivered homemade, delicious meals. We ended up doing it for almost a year. We were really enjoying it, and were able to try lots of new recipes, things that we maybe would've never tried before. [MUSIC] Find some other people that are going to be committed, like you are, to cooking for each other and helping each other to reach their goals and are going to be inspired by you and are going to inspire you as well.
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