's Diet Club: Nancy's Story

EatingWell's Diet Club: Nancy's Story

Find out how Nancy lost 20 pounds by walking and making healthy dinners with friends. Nancy's weight loss success story is inspiring because she made healthy changes to her diet over time to lose weight.

The moment I decided I wanted to lose weight is when I realized that I was responsible for healthy meals for my family. And when I ate better, my family ate better. Some girlfriends and I, in the neighborhood, had been walking together and we decided we should add a meal component to this plan. One of them had 10 years worth of EatingWell magazines that she shared with us, and we got together and planned two weeks' worth of meals at a time. I've used all sorts of ingredients that were new to me and new to my kitchen. It's taught me that you can diet and eat healthy and still enjoy cooking and enjoy your meals and really look forward to your meals. It certainly didn't feel like a diet. It kind of felt like a supper club. 
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