! Best healthy foods to eat at the movies

Stuck! Best healthy foods to eat at the movies

Going to the movies doesn't have to mean that the lights go down on your diet. There might not be a lot of healthy choices at the movies, but with our tips you can still eat popcorn and enjoy the show.

The movie screen isn't the only thing that's jumbo-sized at the movie theater. Here's how to make smarter snack choices the next time you're catching a film. When it comes to candy, it's mostly sold in jumbo-sized boxes with multiple servings. Opt for non-chocolate candies like Twizzlers that tend to be lower in calories, but if you crave chocolate it's OK to pick your favorite. The key is to share so you won't devour the whole box. As for drinks, even a small 12-ounce soda has 150 calories and almost 10 teaspoons of added sugar. That's more than you need in a whole day. Diet sodas are fine on occasion. They're calorie- and sugar-free, but the sweeteners may stimulate your sweet tooth. The best way to quench your thirst? Water, seltzer or unsweetened tea or coffee. Popcorn's naturally healthy. It's packed with fiber that keeps you full and it's airy, so you get to eat a generous portion. But keep in mind, at the movies, even the unbuttered popcorn comes popped in oil, which means a small plain popcorn can have up to 600 calories. Your best bet is to order a small, share with a friend and skip the butter altogether. It's OK to treat yourself at the movies. Just remember, it's about portion control and sharing. Head to for more healthy eating tips, and enjoy the show!
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