Foods to Stock Your Fridge

Healthy Foods to Stock Your Fridge

The key to eating healthy is a well-stocked fridge. Find out which foods you should limit, upgrade and keep for a healthy fridge. Plus, learn simple tricks for organizing super-nutritious foods in your refrigerator so your family will grab something healthy.

I'm Dara. I'm a busy mom of three and have a husband who is a vegetarian. For us, eating healthy sometimes is left on the back burner. Dara, tell me a little bit about what's in your fridge. Well, one of my issues is that we tend to eat the same things over and over again. And we need some more variety. The first thing I see, as you were talking about, is cheese. You have a lot of cheese in here, and it sounds like that's a go-to protein source for you and your family, which is totally fine. But, I would say, a couple times a week, mix in some tofu instead; this is also a great source of protein, and it's lean. You have some carrots, and you have some celery and cucumber. Tell me what it is that you do with those. I find it really hard to get my kids to eat vegetables. What I usually do is put out a vegetable crudité. What I think you should do is add in a little bit of variety. So we're going to add snap peas, some peppers, some broccoli, some asparagus. That way they're getting a little bit more color and a little bit more variety into their diet to get a nice well-rounded amount of vitamins and minerals. I see that you have a lot of sweetened yogurt in here. And the thing with sweetened yogurt is, it has a lot of added sugar in it. So, what I would say is try out using plain unsweetened yogurt; mix in some fresh fruit to naturally sweeten your yogurt. And then, the last thing I see in here that you're doing really, really well, is you have some oranges. But they're kind of buried in the drawer. If you make them basically ready to eat right away, and you put them in a nice appealing location, it will be something that everyone will naturally gravitate towards. And you're ready to go. 
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