Easy, Healthy Lunch Ideas for Work

3 Easy, Healthy Lunch Ideas for Work

Get 3 easy, healthy lunch ideas for work with these quick recipes for wraps, salads and sandwiches. These easy, healthy lunch recipes are low-calorie—350 calories or less—and are high-protein lunches that will help keep you full longer between meals.

I'm going to show you how to make three super-easy lunches that are packed with protein. Why protein? It helps keep you full longer between meals. And all three of these lunches are low cal: they all clock in at 350 calories or less. So first up, BBQ Chicken Sandwich. Start with shredded cooked chicken, which is what provides the protein in this sandwich.. Combine it with carrots and barbecue sauce in a bowl. Mix that together, then take a little bit of ranch dressing, spread it on the bun. And here, we're using a whole-wheat bun, so you can get the fiber from that as well as from the carrots. Top it with the chicken mixture, a little lettuce—simple and delicious! Next low-cal lunch is EatingWell's Cobb Salad. So, this Cobb salad has all the good stuff: bacon, eggs and blue cheese We're not going to cheat you here. All right, start by making the dressing. Whisk vinegar, shallot, mustard, pepper and salt in a small bowl until that's combined. And then you whisk in your oil until it's all combined. Place your salad greens in a large bowl and toss those with about half of the dressing. Put those greens on your plate and then, next, we're going to top the plates. All right, so we arrange chicken, tomatoes, egg, cucumber and avocado on the lettuce, then add a judicious amount of bacon and blue cheese on top. Drizzle the salad with the remaining dressing, and that's it. Compared with the traditional Cobb salad, we saved over 200 calories, plus we cut the fat and saturated fat in half. All right, next up, Peanut Tofu Wrap. To make this wrap, spread store-bought Thai peanut sauce on the tortilla. Then top with baked tofu, which is a great source of vegetarian protein. Add peppers and snow peas, fold the sides over and carefully roll it up. For these recipes and more healthy recipes, come to
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