to Juice: 2 Recipes With & Without a Juicer

How to Juice: 2 Recipes With & Without a Juicer

See how to juice vegetables and fruit, with a juicer and without a juicer (by juicing in a blender), to add more produce to your diet. Get two healthy juice recipes to make a green juice recipe and a fresh fruit and vegetable juice recipe.

If you struggle to eat enough fruits and vegetables each day, drinking juice can help bump up your intake. So I'm going to show you how to make homemade juice, with and without a juicer. First up is Green Juice, in a juicer. Now there are all sorts of home juicers. Whichever juicer you have, make sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions, and then use this basic tip. For all your fruits and vegetables that aren't peeled, just wash them thoroughly; that's it. Now, here I'm starting with parsley. Then spinach, lemon, pears and celery, and I get a juice packed with vitamin K, which is important for healthy bones. Plus, this juice is really delicious! It has an herby flavor from the parsley and it's sweet and a little bit tart and refreshing. Next up is blueberry cabbage juice. And I'm going to make this one in a blender instead of using a juicer. So I start by coarsely chopping up any of my bulky ingredients, like  here it's the cabbage, cucumber and apple. I place half those ingredients plus half of my blueberries in a blender; process until liquefied. Then I blend the remaining ingredients in a second batch. Next, I take these two 24-inch pieces of cheesecloth. Unfold and stack the pieces, then fold them in half so you have a four-layer stack of cloth. Now put that into a large bowl to line it, and pour your puree right into the center. Then you gather the edges of the cloth with one hand and use the other hand to twist and squeeze the bundle to extract all the juice from the pulp. And there's Blueberry Cabbage Power Juice! It gets that gorgeous blue color from anthocyanins; those are antioxidants that help keep your memory sharp. And it's not just pretty, it tastes great too, like blueberries. For these recipes and more healthy recipes, come to
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