Must-Have Healthy Salad Ingredients

4 Must-Have Healthy Salad Ingredients

Learn the 4 must-have ingredients of healthy salad recipes that keep you satisfied. See how to make a healthy salad filled with vegetables, protein and topped with healthy salad dressing with our healthy salad recipe for Chicken & White Bean Salad.

Today, I'm going to show you the four must-have ingredients for a healthy power salad that delivers tons of nutrients but is also filling enough to be a whole meal. To demonstrate, I'm making a delicious Chicken & White Bean Salad  All right, first step: build your base. For any salad, the base is lots of lettuce and greens. We love to get plenty of these because they are full of fiber, which helps with digestion. In this salad, we're using a little bit of romaine—you could use escarole—and radicchio. Now, second, load it up with veggies to add crunch, flavor and color. The more vegetables you add, the more disease-fighting nutrients you get. In this salad, we're using zucchini. We're adding celery and sundried tomatoes. Third, give it staying power. So we add chicken, beans and cheese, and that adds protein and a little fat to keep you feeling full longer. Now, to cut down on the salt here, I've rinsed my beans and I'm just using a little bit of the salty cheese. Finally, dress it up. A satisfying salad needs a delicious dressing. For this dressing, I take peeled garlic, smash it with the side of my chef's knife, then I mash it with salt to form a paste. Then I whisk in oil and add orange juice, vinegar and mustard. That's my dressing. Now, I put a little bit of basil right onto my bean, chicken and veggie mixture. I pour some of the dressing onto my greens and the rest onto the bean and chicken mixture, toss each of those separately and I'm ready to plate. So I put some lettuce on my plate, top it with the other stuff and there's my salad. Beautiful. For this recipe and more healthy recipes, come to
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