Snacks: Pimiento Cheese Spread

Healthy Snacks: Pimiento Cheese Spread

EatingWell's Jessie Price shows how to make a healthy snack recipe: pimiento cheese spread. In this healthy Pimiento Cheese recipe she cuts calories and fat with low-fat mayonnaise as a substitute for mayonnaise and reduced-fat Cheddar as a substitute for full-fat cheese.

Hi, this is Jessie. I'm here in the EatingWell Test Kitchen, and I'm going to show you how to make a healthy 100-calorie snack that's super quick and easy. It's Pimiento Cheese, a southern favorite. So, we started out with reduced-fat Cheddar cheese. It's already shredded. I mixed in a little bit of low-fat mayonnaise, then a jar of pimientos, some chopped-up scallions, a couple of dashes of hot sauce. Stir that all together, then serve it on whole-grain crackers or you could put it on a sandwich too. And that's it, Pimiento Cheese. Delicious! For this recipe and more 100-calorie snack ideas, come to
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