to Eat Healthy Using My Plate

How to Eat Healthy Using My Plate

How do I eat healthy? EatingWell's Brierley Wright shows how to eat healthy using the USDA's My Plate as a guide. She shares foods you'd eat in a healthy meal, how much fruit, vegetables, grains, protein and dairy to eat, and suggests some healthy meal ideas.

When the 2010 Dietary Guidelines were unveiled, a new icon was launched called MyPlate. It's an easy-to-use tool that shows you how to build a healthy meal. First, half of your plate should go to fruits and vegetables. Then, a little bit over a quarter of the plate should be for grains. You want to make them whole grains at least half of the time. And the last remaining quarter or so should go to protein. On the side, you'll serve some dairy. Not all of your meals are so neat and clean cut. So today, I'm going to show you two examples of how to make your plate look like MyPlate. Our Broccoli-Ricotta Pizza delivers vegetables, dairy and whole grains, thanks to the whole-wheat pizza crust. The crudites add an extra serving of vegetables and then you dip it in hummus for a little bit of protein. Round out the meal with a fruit cup. This Sweet & Sour Pork stir-fry includes fruit, vegetables and lean protein. We add pineapple for just a touch of sweetness. Serve it with brown rice, which provides whole grains. The mixed green salad on the side adds more vegetables to your plate. And finish it with low-fat frozen yogurt, which provides dairy. For more ideas on how to build a healthy meal, come to
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