to Shuck Oysters

How to Shuck Oysters

Hi, I'm Jessie Price. I'm the food editor here at EatingWell, and today I'm going to show you how to shuck oysters. Oysters are delicious, but did you know they're also good for you? They're high in iron, which transports oxygen around your body, and vitamin B12, which provides energy. To start with, you do not want to use a regular kitchen knife. You want to get an oyster knife. It looks like this. It doesn't have a sharp edge, but it does have a pointy tip. First you want to get your oyster. You want to place it with the cup side down, so that's the rounded part, and the flat side up. You're taking your oyster, you're putting it cup-side down on a clean kitchen towel. You fold it over to grip it. You could also use a plastic glove on your left hand here to protect yourself. You take your knife and put it right next to the hinge. Right in there, and start wiggling back and forth. You want to press inward, but really it's about wiggling. You wiggle it until it pops. So this one just popped a little bit. And you take your knife around to the other edge, around to the other parts of the oyster. And pop it. Meanwhile you want to keep it upright so you don't spill any of the liquor, and then you want to run your knife along the upper shell. All right, take that off, that's it. Detach the oyster. And we have our oyster meat in there and we want to take our knife and run it along the bottom shell to detach the oyster from the bottom shell. There you have it, ready to go.
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