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-Creating healthy eating habits begins at home. Introducing kids to a variety of great-tasting nutritious foods laced the foundation for a lifetime of making healthy eating choices. Kids explore different tastes. They can be creative and they build confidence. The goal of the Junior Leagues International Kids in the Kitchen Program is to help fight childhood obesity. Now joined by eating well which provides its readers with the information and inspiration they need to make healthy eating a way of life. This goal moves closer to reality. You know packaged snack foods tempt us everywhere. It's all too easy to reach for a bag of chips, a candy bar or a box of cookies but at eating well we've created delicious healthy snacks that can be prepared in no time especially with the help of my two chefs Jack and Rissa. We begin with fruity kebabs, skewers of fresh fruit served with a yogurt dipping sauce. All you need is a selection of your favorite fresh fruit, some wooden skewers and a low-fat, low-sugar yogurt. Hi guys. Tell me what we got here. We got some great-looking fruit. -We got oranges. -We have strawberries. -Hey who put the cucumbers in there? -I like cucumbers. -Alright. We got cucumbers in our fruit kebabs. What's this? -Pineapple and grapes. -And we got green and purple grapes. Alright. We've washed our hands, right? We're all ready to go. -Yes. -You got a favorite? What's your favorite fruit? -Mine is grapes. -Grapes. Okay. And yours? -Strawberries. -Okay, guys. Go for it. Let's start skewering. Choose fruit when it's in season and at its best and when it's least expensive, but most importantly let children choose their favorite fruits. Also choose low-fat dairy options over whole milk and full fat varieties because yogurts can be high in added sugar so be sure to read the label and pick those with very little added sugar. You did so great. Skewers here are wonderful kebabs. You're ready to taste them? Now I do like vanilla or lemon yogurt? -Vanilla. -Vanilla. Okay. You know you can mix them too. Alright. Let's give it a try. I'm gonna start with this one. Is it good? Yes. Alright. My turn. Good job, guys. Well those are lovely. Now if you wanna try this at home, you can find a recipe at the Junior Leagues Kids in the Kitchen website and at These snacks never tasted so good and so much fun to prepare. You'll like them. They're good. Trail mix has gained popularity over the years as a healthy snack but many of the combinations on the market contain more sugar, sodium, and fat than is necessary. To be sure you're providing your family with a delicious and nutritious mix, it is best to make your won. At Eating Well we've created an irresistibly tasty trail mix using only 3 ingredients, popcorn, unsweetened whole-grain cereal, and orange-flavored dry cranberries. Now this trail mix is a snack to put together and can be stored in an airtight container so that you'll always have a batch on hand. All you need is a box of low-fat air-popped popcorn, a box of unsweetened cereal, and a bag of dried orange-flavored cranberries. And my 2 young chefs today are Danielle and Nicholas. We got nice clean hands? Ready to start scooping? Alright. What size of scooper you got? -1 cup. -1 cup. What size of scooper do you have, Danielle? -Half a cup. -Half a cup. We're gonna do 2 cups of popcorn and 2 cups of the cereal. So let's start scooping. How many scoops is that for you, Danielle? -One. -You got it. How many scoops for you? -Two. -Let's go. And it's nice and level if you pile it up it's more than a cup, right? Okay. Go ahead. Put your 1 cup in. Now you're gonna do another cup. You like cranberries? -Yes. -Alright. I do too. These are gorgeous. Be sure to look for whole-grain cereals that are high in fiber, 5 grams or more, and for cereals that have less than 9 grams of sugar per serving and be sure to read those popcorn labels carefully. Choose low-fat or healthy varieties and be diligent about portion size. Wow. That looks good. Can we try some? -Yes. -What do you think? -Good. -Good job, guys. Here is some other areas for quick and easy healthy snacks. How about 1 ounce peanuts or almonds or a small can of vegetable juice? Go for the low sodium kind or small box of raisins or how about reduced fat string cheese. So the next time you have a snack attack, reach for one of these delicious and nutritious treats. And if you wanna try this at home, you can find the recipe at Junior Leagues Kids in the Kitchen website and at Oh, that's yummy. Studies show that if you equip your children with healthy food to eat at school, they will be better prepared to study and learn. Now fruits and vegetables add color and crunch while providing beneficial vitamins and minerals. At Eating Well, we realize that lunch box foods should be fun to eat and so we have created a number of whimsical recipes like these. How about ham sushi? That's ham slices spread with reduced fat cream cheese and sprinkled with shredded carrot. It's rolled up and it's sliced to resemble sushi. Now all you need is some sliced ham, some reduced fat cream cheese and shredded carrot. And here assisting me in the kitchen today is Rissa and Jack. Ready to go? -Yes. -Yes. -We got washed hands and now we're gonna start making some ham sushi. Let's go. Oh this looks great, lots of cream cheese. That will help the whole thing stay together. Alright. I'm ready for some carrot put right on top. We're gonna spread this out a little bit. Looks like Rissa is ready for some carrot. The way that you do this is you fold it over and make really a tight little roll, right, and keep rolling until the seam is on the bottom of the cutting board. Nice and tight. Nice looking. Yes. You see how it's holding together. Perfect. Your turn. You guys are sushi chefs. Very nice. It's that cream cheese that's holding it together. Perfect. You guys ready to cut? -Yes. -Yes. -Let's do it. Okay. This is how you cut. I want you to hold the knife and then I want you to take the tips of your fingers and roll them over like this because if you cut like this, you could knick your fingers, right? Alright. So we're gonna roll our fingers over and keep your fingers away from the knife. And for sushi let's cut it at the diagonal. Hold it down and make slices. There we go. There's our sushi. These look great. Would you like to cut one? -Yes, please. -Okay. Here you go. Remember how I told you to hold the knife. That's right. You got your fingertips curled under. Go ahead and slice through. Beautiful. Now you move your hand down. Look at that. A pro, a chef in the making. These look great. You guys are good sushi chefs. Should we make some more? -Yes. -Yes. -Alright. She's got it. Beautiful. Now they can be premade, wrapped in plastic, and kept in the fridge for a nutritious and fun after-school snack. Now if you wanna try this at home, you can find the recipe at the Junior Leagues Kids in the Kitchen website and at Oh, I've been dying to try this. -Yes. -I like this. Although there are lots of convenience products available to make packing your kid's lunch box a snap, those products are often loaded with saturated fat, calories, and sodium. Eating Well's collection of kid-friendly lunch ideas take little time to prepare and will give your kids something to look forward to at lunch every day with a variety of options they won't trade away. These do-it-yourself mini stacks are made with whole-grain crackers, sliced roast turkey and cucumber rounds and are fun to put together, taste great and will give your kids the energy they need to make it through the day. All you need are some whole-grain crackers, some sliced roast turkey, and cucumber rounds. And of course a low-fat cream cheese. And helping me in the kitchen today are my 2 young chefs, Danielle and Nicholas. Now we've washed our hands, ready to start making some snacks? -Yes. -Let's go for it. Now what other kind of vegetables could we put in these? -Carrots? -Carrots would be good. -Tomatoes. -Tomatoes would be great and I'm telling you the kids will not wanna trade these away. These are good. So they can have so much fun deciding what they wanna put in them because guess what? If they decide what goes in them, they're gonna eat them and they're not gonna wanna trade them away. Now along with the stackers, go ahead and add other vegetables. You can also do red peppers, think color, think texture, think fun. Alright. Are we ready to try these? -Yes. -Let's go for it. -I'll make this tomorrow. -You are gonna make it tomorrow. Good for you. Can I have one? Good job, guys. They are good. If you wanna try this at home you can find the recipe at the Junior Leagues Kids in the Kitchen website and at I'm gonna make these tomorrow. Yes.
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