a Healthier Lunchbox with These Three Ingredients

Build a Healthier Lunchbox with These Three Ingredients

Hi, I'm Nicci, EatingWell's nutrition expert. And I'm Jessie, food editor here at EatingWell. Hey Jessie, do you know what my three secret ingredients are for a healthy lunch? What? Whole grains, lean protein to help you feel full, and vegetables and fruits, which are going to knock out a few of those daily servings before you hit the end of the day. And I like to do that easily with a turkey sandwich and an apple. Nicci, I can do one better than that. I like to bring whole-grain crackers, and along with that I take a three-ounce portion of tuna. It's lean and it's handy to take with you. Then I bring some low-fat cream cheese, some scallions and then some lemons to squeeze on top for a little added zest. Great, but you're still missing one of the three keys. What's that? The fruits and vegetables. I thought you might forget so I packed some colorful veggies and I'm going to throw an orange in here and we're good to go. For more healthy eating tips like this, go to, where good taste meets good health.
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