a Healthier Lunchbox: Quick Kebabs

Build a Healthier Lunchbox: Quick Kebabs

Hi, I'm Jessie, food editor here at EatingWell. And I'm Nicci, EatingWell's nutrition expert. Hey Jessie, did you know that just by eating more slowly and mindfully, you can not only learn to appreciate your food more but you can also feel full on fewer calories? I had heard that, Nicci, and I've got a perfect solution. It's a kebab of lunch stuff. I start with low-fat Cheddar cheese cubes, add some lean turkey that you can pick up at the deli, some grapes, some apricots, and I also bring some whole-grain crackers usually in my lunchbox too. And I'm going to throw some colorful bell peppers into our lunchbox . They're fiber-rich, sweet, they've got beta carotene. As you're packing your healthy lunch, include some nutritious snacks for the afternoon too. We like strawberries. And we're going to throw in some almonds. You've got a healthy snack when you start to get hungry again. For more healthy eating tips like this, go to, where good taste meets good health.
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