Breakfast: Breakfast Parfait

Better Breakfast: Breakfast Parfait

Hi, I'm Jessie, food editor here at EatingWell. And I'm Nicci, EatingWell's nutrition expert. Jessie, did you know that research suggests that people who eat breakfast every day have more nutrient-rich diets overall? Really? Yeah, and it makes sense actually when you think about it, because a lot of popular breakfast foods are just really packed with nutrients. Take, for example, this bowl of cereal. You've got whole-grain flakes topped with blueberries. So right here you're getting lots of fiber and antioxidants. And then you top this off with nonfat milk and you're getting protein and calcium too. Here's another way to do it, Nicci. This EatingWell Breakfast Parfait. You start with a little low-fat yogurt. You could also use low-fat cottage cheese if you want, just a quarter cup. Top it with some fruit like this papaya or pineapple, or you could use peaches if you want. Then a little bit of wheat germ for a little nutty flavor, and I'm going to round it all out with a slice of whole-grain toast. For more healthy breakfast ideas, you can go to, where good taste meets good health.
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