Snack Tips: Cheesy Popcorn

Healthy Snack Tips: Cheesy Popcorn

Hi, I'm Jessie, and this is Nicci. We're here in the EatingWell Test Kitchen, and today we're going to give you a quick tip to avoid those trips to the vending machine. Whether you're dieting or just trying to eat healthier, you need a plan that's fast. That's right, so we like to plan ahead. We get small bags of plain microwave popcorn, that's about four cups of popcorn. Top it with a half a cup of grated cheese. And then a little cayenne pepper. That's going to give us some zip. Toss it up. And one serving of this snack has 75 calories and just three grams of fat. It also has a little bit of protein, five grams, to help you feel full. But this is actually four servings that we've made, so we're gonna divvy them up into these individual containers, and we love these Glad containers because they keep your snack from getting smashed. You can throw them right into your bag. That's right, Nicci, so for more healthy snacking tips like this, go to, where good taste meets good health.
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