Snack Tips: Secret Weapon Gorp

Healthy Snack Tips: Secret Weapon Gorp

Hi, I'm Jessie, and this is Nicci. We're here in the EatingWell Test Kitchen, and today we're going to give you a secret weapon to help you avoid those trips to the vending machine: gorp. We love gorp, which is sort of like a trail mix, because it satisfies your salty cravings and your sweet cravings, and it's really nutritious and easy. Okay, so Nicci, it's almonds, a little roasted peanuts, some dried fruit, dried cranberries, dried chopped pitted dates and then chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate chips for the chocolate lovers. And actually, this mixture that Jessie just concocted is two servings, so we're going to divvy it up into separate zip bags so that you don't eat two servings instead of one. One serving has only 100 calories, but it provides a good amount of fiber, some healthy fats and also some magnesium, which is good for strong bones. For this recipe and other healthy snacking ideas, go to, where good taste meets good health.
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