Quick Desserts with Ricotta Cheese

3 Quick Desserts with Ricotta Cheese

Hi, I'm Jessie and this is Nicci. We're here in the EatingWell Test Kitchen and today we're going to give you some quick dessert ideas that you can make with ricotta cheese. You might think of ricotta as just for lasagna, but we love it in desserts because it's creamy, rich-tasting and high in protein. Okay, Nicci, what we have here is frozen pitted cherries. We've microwaved them to heat them up, topped them with some ricotta and then with a little bit of toasted slivered almonds. And next we have a chocolate-malted ricotta and basically we've just mixed together a quarter cup of part-skim ricotta and a tablespoon of hot cocoa mix. To that we're going to add a teaspoon of malted-milk powder and just stir it up. Okay, Nicci, over here I'm making instant cheesecakes. These are whole-wheat graham crackers spread with a little ricotta and then topped with your favorite jam. For more quick dessert recipes you can go to, where good taste meets good health.
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