Control: Divide Your Plate

Portion Control: Divide Your Plate

Hi I'm Jessie this is Nicci. We're here today in the eating well test kitchens. And we're gonna talk with you about controlling portion sizes to have a healthy balance of food on your plate. Figuring out what proper portions are can be confusing so we're just gonna start with this empty plate. You're gonna divide that plate into two halves. One half you fill with vegetables and then the other you divide into two. Half for your whole grain and the other half for a lean protein. Here's a real life example of what your plate should look like. So on this one we have about half right here vegetables carrots and asparagus. A quarter over here as a lean piece of chicken breast about a three ounce portion. And the final quarter is whole grain in this case brown rice so if you just model all your plates about like this you're good to go. For more tips like this you can go to where good taste meets good health.
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