More, Lose Weight

Eat More, Lose Weight

Hi, I'm Jessie and this is Nicci. We're here in the EatingWell Test Kitchen today, and we're going to talk with you a little bit about how you can eat more and lose weight. If you do just one thing to make your diet healthier, you should add fruits and vegetables. They not only decrease your risk for heart disease but also help you feel full. Okay, Nicci, over here we have one chocolate chip cookie for about a hundred calories. For that same number of calories, you can have a whole cup and a half of strawberries. Plus you get vitamin C. Over here you get a little portion of creamy macaroni salad for 300 calories. Or for the same number, you can have this whole plate of salad with lean protein on top that's really going to fill you up. This plate of high-fat Alfredo pasta has about 400 calories, and so does this plate of pasta which is about double the size, and is packed with vegetables and a little bit of heart-healthy olive oil too. For more healthy eating tips like this, go to, where good taste meets good health.
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