Health: Eat More Fiber

Digestive Health: Eat More Fiber

Hi, I'm Nicci, EatingWell's nutrition expert. And I'm Jessie, food editor at EatingWell. We're here in the Test Kitchen today to give you 3 tips on improving digestive health with fiber. Whole-grain foods offer insoluble fiber, and that's the kind that helps your digestive system to operate smoothly. One easy way to add insoluble fiber to your diet is to just top your yogurt with some whole-grain cereal. Another way is with fresh-popped popcorn, which is the whole grain, and you choose this instead of something like pretzels, which are made from refined grains. And finally, you want to eat your fruit whole, with the skin on it if you can, to get all the insoluble fiber out of the peel. That gets processed out when you drink the juice. For more tips on getting fiber into your diet, go to, where good taste meets good health.
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