Blood Pressure: Tips for Reducing Sodium in Cooking

High Blood Pressure: Tips for Reducing Sodium in Cooking

Hi, I'm Jessie, food editor at EatingWell. And I'm Nicci, EatingWell's nutrition expert. Most Americans eat nearly twice the amount of salt that they should. So we're here in the Test Kitchen to show you some easy ways to reduce sodium and lower your risk for hypertension. Nicci, you don't need to use salt to boost flavor in your foods. Citrus juice or zest is a great way to do it. To get the zest off, you use a Microplane grater. It's a great handy tool and a little goes a long way with zest. Or you can just juice a lemon right onto green beans or steamed asparagus. Fresh herbs, garlic and shallots are also really nice when you're trying to cut back on sodium. You can actually stir the herbs right into warm brown rice, and you get lots of flavor with no added salt. And finally, when you're at the table, limit your intake of salt. Always taste your food before you salt it. If you really do feel like it needs salt, add a little bit just to your hand and then sprinkle it onto your food. For more tips on eating for heart health, go to, where good taste meets good health.
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