How to Make a Power Salad Video

EatingWell food editor Jessie Price and nutrition expert Nicci Micco show how to make an easy Power Salad packed with four servings of vegetables.

"Did you know that the average American only gets about three servings of fruits and vegetables a day?" says Nicci. "Most people need about nine. But it's really not that hard to fit in recommended amounts, and that's because servings aren't really as big as you think they are." This EatingWell Power Salad recipe is a delicious, easy way to get your vegetable servings.

Get the recipe: EatingWell Power Salad

"I'm going to start with two cups of spinach," says Jessie. That’s two servings of vegetables right away, because one cup of leafy greens equals one full vegetable serving. Then Jessie adds a half a cup of cut-up bell peppers for another veggie serving. A half cup of green beans brings it up to four.

"This salad is full of fiber and phytochemicals and you have four vegetable servings," says Nicci. "You're almost halfway done for the day."

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