Fight wrinkles with antioxidant-rich foods?

Fight wrinkles with antioxidant-rich foods? One recent (and widely publicized) study suggested that eating a diet that provides plenty of antioxidant-rich foods might help our skin age more gracefully. When researchers looked at the diets and skin-wrinkling patterns of 177 people, they found that those who ate the most vegetables, legumes and olive oil had the least skin wrinkling, while those who ate more full-fat dairy and red meat had the most. They speculated that antioxidants abundant in the former group's diets might have inhibited some of the free-radical damage (some caused by the sun's UV rays) that accelerates skin aging. While the premise is exciting, the study didn't show cause and effect and the science is still too preliminary to draw conclusions. But filling your plate with tasty vegetables and healthy fats is, no matter what, a beautiful thing.
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