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Weeknight Vegetarian Gnocchi Menu
An easy menu that starts with ready-made gnocchi for a vegetarian meal that's healthy and fresh-tasting.
Italian Meatball Supper
These meatballs are made with bulgur for extra fiber and a healthier profile. Have them with this menu, or in a...
Deli-style Dinner
A healthier--but still gooey and delicious--Reuben sandwich makes a fun dinner treat.
Spring Chicken and Blue Cheese Salad Menu
Main dish salads are satisfying, light and perfect for spring. We've rounded out the meal with a refreshing spritzer...
Cherry Burger
Adding fruit to your burger may not be traditional, but it adds antioxidants, flavor, and fun! Same goes for the salad...
Fresh Tofu Supper
Tofu and fresh asparagus get an infusion of orange and basil flavors in this simple vegetarian supper. Serve over brown...
Mediterranean-style Lamb Chop Menu
Heart-healthy as well as delicious, this Mediterranean-style menu features lamb, plenty of vegetables and a sweet touch...
Tuna Noodle Casserole Menu
The casserole, a family-friendly favorite, gets a healthy makeover from our Test Kitchen. Have the kids help make the...
Easy Chicken Cutlet Supper
Quick-cooking chicken cutlets are paired with an elegant but easy light sauce. Add a simple salad and a quick chocolate...
Crab Pilaf Supper
This quick main dish pilaf takes advantage of spring flavors. Serve with a healthy spinach side dish and this 10-minute...
Grilled Chicken Menu
Try this spicy, but not too hot variation on barbecued chicken. Serve with a crunchy slaw and old-fashioned corn bread.
Vegetarian Grilled Supper
Get the taste of summer in this quick and easy menu.
Honey-Mustard Turkey Cutlets Supper
Quick-cooking turkey cutlets are a great choice for weeknight meals. Snap peas get a lemony-mint dressing, and who...
Memorial Day Steak Menu
Welcome summer with this festive steak recipe with a cauliflower side dish and strawberry shortcake.
Caesar-Stuffed Artichokes
These artichokes are chock-full of flavors reminiscent of Caesar salad. Serve with spring-fresh dandelion greens salad...
Southwestern Cheese Panini Supper
A sandwich is a great option for a quick weeknight supper. Add a corn and black bean salad and a healthy fruit dessert.
New England Fried Shrimp Supper
Don't forget the tartar sauce and lemon wedges with this lightened-up family favorite.
Weeknight Chicken Supper
The sweet and savory flavors of olives and prunes balance this dish beautifully. Serve with spiced carrots and couscous.
Easy Cinco de Mayo Celebration Supper Menu
If you love Mexican food, here's a healthy menu to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.
Healthy Mother's Day Brunch Menu
An easy, fun brunch menu for Mom. Happy Mother's Day!
Barbecued Baked Beans and Sausage Supper
Using your favorite barbecue sauce, create a healthy and delicious dish in 30 minutes! Serve with cornbread and tangy...
Easy Summer Entertaining Menu
Enjoy any summer weekend with this festive menu featuring healthy cheeseburgers and potato salad.
Easy Lamb Chops Menu
Simple pan-roasted lamb chops get an infusion of flavor with herbs and spices. Serve with couscous pilaf and a fruit...
Wasabi Salmon Burger Supper
Japanese-inspired salmon patties that are ready in 30 minutes. Serve with a cooling mint tea and a flavorful ginger...
Quick Turkey Wrap
Based on a popular Chinese dish, these fun wraps also make appealing appetizers for entertaining. Spicy slaw and easy...
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