Restaurant-Worthy Prosciutto-Wrapped Chicken in 35 Minutes
Cooking this recipe for Prosciutto-Wrapped Chicken with Mushroom Marsala Sauce does the travel-in-your-kitchen trick of...
Download a FREE Low-Sodium Dinner Recipes Cookbook!
Join EatingWell and receive a FREE cookbook with healthy and delicious low-sodium dinner recipes! Our downloadable low...
Ramen Grows Up: Easy, Healthy Chicken Ramen Soup at Home
Remember when your furniture was mostly plastic crates in different configurations and you ate ramen at least once a...
One Easy Recipe Equals One Instant Party
There’s something about this Smoked Salmon Platter that takes me back to the cocktail parties my parents used to throw...
Best Cranberry Cheesecake Ever
The December issue of EatingWell features some truly spectacular recipes for cranberries—and this Cranberry-Lime...

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20 minute dinner recipes
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