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What Is White Asparagus?
At this time of year, in parts of Europe the first appearance of white asparagus is so revered that full-blown...
4 Tricks for Healthy, Delicious Banana Bread
Pictured Recipe: Banana-Blueberry Buttermilk Bread
5 Tips to Make Carrot Cake Healthy and Even More Delicious
Pictured Recipe: EatingWell Carrot Cake
5 Facts About Quinoa Nutrition and Cooking Quinoa
Learn essential facts about quinoa, a healthy whole grain, including how to cook with quinoa and the nutrition and...
3 Tips for How to Hard-Boil an Egg The Right Way
Learn our Test Kitchen's tricks for how to hard boil eggs perfectly every time. Although they seem simple, a hard-...
How to Dye Eggs with Natural Dyes
Find out how to make natural dye for coloring Easter eggs. Are you interested in coloring eggs naturally with food-...
How to Make Perfect, Crispy Oven-Fried Sweet Potato Fries
Related Recipe: Oven Sweet Potato Fries
Soup Recipes to Help You Lose Weight
I’ll never forget the moment in a Weight Watchers meeting when the conversation turned to “The Soup.” Everyone in the...
Cream Sauce Without Cream: The Secret to Make Creamy Recipes Healthy
On cold winter nights on a Colorado ranch, Grandmother Maud bustled around her warm woodstove simmering up rib-sticking...
How to Make Fried Chicken Healthier
Make a healthier version of a crispy “Bucket o’ Chicken” at home. If you love fried chicken, you're not alone. (You...
How to Make Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries, Chocolate-Dipped Pretzel Rods, Nuts and More Chocolate-Covered Fruit
Find out how to make chocolate-dipped strawberries with our easy recipe and topping ideas that you can also use to...
Fresh vs. Canned vs. Frozen: Which Is Better?
Canned or frozen produce can be more convenient—but are you giving up nutrition for convenience? Nothing beats...
5 Risky Refrigerator Mistakes to Avoid
5 common refrigerator mistakes and how to avoid them. A refrigerator is not a very demanding appliance, but it does...
How to Eat More and Weigh Less
5 simple tips to help you cut calories and stay satisfied. If you’re tired of hearing diet advice to eat less, we...
4 Whole Grains You Should Be Eating
The health and nutrition benefits of wild rice, cornmeal, quinoa and amaranth. Despite the fact that they're...
4 Creative Ways to Cook with Sesame
Go beyond sesame seeds and find out how to make sesame a go-to ingredient in your kitchen. If the only time you eat...
10 "Cheater" Ways to Get Dinner on the Table in Under 30 Minutes
Pictured Recipe: Stir-Fried Carrots, Corn & Peppers
The Right Way to Prepare Oatmeal and 5 Tips for Making It Better
Use these simple tricks to make the world’s healthiest breakfast even better. Oatmeal is one of the healthiest...
How to Make the Best Homemade Stuffed Shells
Pictured Recipe: Spinach & Cheese Stuffed Shells
Infused Vinegars from Your Kitchen
What do you get when you combine vinegar, a few easy-to-find ingredients and a dash of ingenuity? Infused vinegars that...
5 Tips for How to Make Jello Naturally
Pictured Recipe: Sangria Jello
The Best Foods for Eating Well on a Budget
Find out which are the best, healthiest foods to buy when you're on a budget. With so many factors to consider—...
7 Ingredients You Should Always Have in Your Freezer
Make faster, healthier meals with these 7 ingredients you should always keep in your freezer. When I’m in a rush to...
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