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Moroccan-Style Stuffed Peppers
Aromatic savory-and-sweet stuffed peppers are a satisfying supper, thanks to lean beef, brown rice and bell pepper in...
Couscous Paella Soup for Two
This soup recipe for two is inspired by the flavors and ingredients of paella, but unlike paella it's simple...
Couscous Paella Soup
This soup is inspired by the flavors and ingredients of paella, but unlike paella it's simple enough for a speedy...
Green Couscous & Shrimp
This quick dinner recipe of couscous, white beans and shrimp is flavored with a potent parsley-and-basil dressing.
Leek & Lemon Linguine
This simple pasta recipe has bold lemony flavor. It’s nice with a salad for a light supper or serve it along with...
Chorizo Migas
Migas, scrambled eggs with strips of tortillas, is a tasty breakfast or quick dinner. Poblano peppers, onion and salsa...
Tofu Tropic Smoothie
Mango, pineapple and lime flavor this tropical smoothie. Silken tofu adds staying power.
Clean Breeze Smoothie
This refreshing smoothie is made with cucumber and kiwi and gets a kick from ginger-flavored kombucha and fresh...
Good Green Tea Smoothie
This green smoothie is packed with grapes, spinach, green tea and avocado. A touch of honey adds sweetness.
Pomegranate Berry Smoothie
This berry smoothie is made with pomegranate juice and packs lots of satisfaction from banana and cottage cheese.
Banana Spice Smoothie
This healthy banana smoothie is made with vanilla kefir and spiked with warming spices.
Caviar-Egg Gem
Sliced eggs and ruby-colored salmon roe top whole-grain crackers for a sophisticated appetizer.
Pepper & Sopressata Bruschetta
We love the taste of these zesty Italian-style one-bite appetizers—topped with sopressata, red pepper spread and fresh...
Goat Cheese & Veggie Morsel
Crackers topped with tangy goat cheese and a confetti of vegetables make a terrific vegetarian appetizer. Use soft goat...
Feta & Cucumber Nip
Crunchy pita chips make the perfect base for this ultra-quick olive, cucumber and feta appetizer. If you can’t find...
Deconstructed Spicy Crab Roll
Top rice crackers with pickled ginger and crabmeat for a sushi-bar-inspired appetizer. For the best flavor, use...
Blue Corn Botanita
Top blue corn tortilla chips with mango slices, cotija cheese and a squeeze of lime juice for a colorful appetizer....
Shrimp-Pepper Popper
These shrimp appetizers are simple yet full of flavor. Just top melba toasts with a bit of cream cheese, a cooked...
Pear & Celery Root Slaw
Pears, celery root, carrots and onion combine in this flavorful fall slaw recipe. Use underripe pears to keep the...
Blue Cheese & Fig Bite
Fresh figs, blue cheese and a drizzle of honey top toasted baguette slices for a magical, flavorful combination in this...
Celery Root Puree
Everyone loves mashed potatoes, but this celery root puree is a worthy competitor.
Sautéed Mushrooms with Caramelized Shallots
This recipe for sautéed mushrooms with caramelized shallots is one of those dishes that will haunt you. You might want...
Vietnamese Dipping Sauce
This tangy Vietnamese dipping sauce—perfect for spring rolls—is flavored with lime juice, fish sauce, garlic and...
Ranch Dressing
This low-cal, low-fat homemade ranch dressing is so easy to make you won’t need to buy it ever again!
Blue Cheese Vinaigrette
This bright-tasting vinaigrette is loaded with tangy crumbled blue cheese.
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