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Simple Green Salad with Citronette
Frisée and radicchio are both assertive, slightly bitter greens that add color and texture to any salad. Match them...
Cobb Egg Salad
The bacon, blue cheese and avocado in this egg salad make it decadent. Serve it open-face on a piece of toasted whole-...
Sweet Southern Egg Salad
Crunchy celery, gherkin pickles and sweet onion flavor this Southern-style egg salad recipe. Serve on pumpernickel...
Tofu Tropic Smoothie
Mango, pineapple and lime flavor this tropical smoothie. Silken tofu adds staying power.
Clean Breeze Smoothie
This refreshing smoothie is made with cucumber and kiwi and gets a kick from ginger-flavored kombucha and fresh...
Good Green Tea Smoothie
This green smoothie is packed with grapes, spinach, green tea and avocado. A touch of honey adds sweetness.
“Get Your Orange” Flax Smoothie
This bright orange smoothie gets its color from frozen peaches plus carrot and orange juice. Fresh ginger packs a...
Pomegranate Berry Smoothie
This berry smoothie is made with pomegranate juice and packs lots of satisfaction from banana and cottage cheese.
Banana Spice Smoothie
This healthy banana smoothie is made with vanilla kefir and spiked with warming spices.
Caviar-Egg Gem
Sliced eggs and ruby-colored salmon roe top whole-grain crackers for a sophisticated appetizer.
Feta & Cucumber Nip
Crunchy pita chips make the perfect base for this ultra-quick olive, cucumber and feta appetizer. If you can’t find...
Deconstructed Spicy Crab Roll
Top rice crackers with pickled ginger and crabmeat for a sushi-bar-inspired appetizer. For the best flavor, use...
Blue Corn Botanita
Top blue corn tortilla chips with mango slices, cotija cheese and a squeeze of lime juice for a colorful appetizer....
Roast Beef & Beet Nosh
Horseradish sour cream, pickled beets and roast beef top toasted rye bread for a yummy appetizer reminiscent of a...
Shrimp-Pepper Popper
These shrimp appetizers are simple yet full of flavor. Just top melba toasts with a bit of cream cheese, a cooked...
Blue Cheese & Fig Bite
Fresh figs, blue cheese and a drizzle of honey top toasted baguette slices for a magical, flavorful combination in this...
Vietnamese Dipping Sauce
This tangy Vietnamese dipping sauce—perfect for spring rolls—is flavored with lime juice, fish sauce, garlic and...
Ranch Dressing
This low-cal, low-fat homemade ranch dressing is so easy to make you won’t need to buy it ever again!
Blue Cheese Vinaigrette
This bright-tasting vinaigrette is loaded with tangy crumbled blue cheese.
Classic Hummus
It’s easy to make hummus at home with just a few pantry items. Serve drizzled with your best-quality extra-virgin olive...
Green Smoothie
Get your daily dose of dark leafy greens any time of day with this delicious green smoothie. Ground flaxseed adds omega...
Smoky Mustard-Maple Salmon for Two
It doesn’t get much easier—or more delicious—than this speedy recipe for roast salmon for two topped with a smoky maple...
Smoky Maple-Mustard Salmon
It doesn’t get much easier—or more delicious—than this speedy recipe for roast salmon topped with a smoky maple-mustard...
Southwestern Sauté with Salsa Grits
Cheesy, salsa-flavored grits are the base for this easy bean and vegetable sauté. Use fresh salsa (found in the market...
Tomato-Olive Relish
This simple relish of chopped tomato, red onion, Kalamata olives, fragrant with fresh basil and garlic, makes an...
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