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We're interested in the power of foods to keep us looking and feeling good. Our editors and expert bloggers search for natural solutions for health—from foods for better skin to what to eat for your eyes and heart. Our health blogs follow the latest scientific research to offer proven actions you can do every day, from foods to eat to ways to work more wellness into your lifestyle.

What Your Doctor Didn't Tell You About Calcium
Long before I became a registered dietitian or nutrition editor, I knew the importance of getting enough calcium for...
3 food tips to beat insomnia
Lately, the only thing keeping me from a full night’s sleep has been the sun blasting through my window at 5 a.m...
What does 2,000 calories a day look like?
I'm always surprised at how few people know a) how many calories they need each day, and b) how many calories they're...
5 myths and truths about peanuts
When we wrote about 4 of the healthiest nuts to eat in a recent issue of EatingWell Magazine, some of you wanted to...
5 tips to keep your blood sugar in check
I think it's a striking statistic: by 2020, 1 out of every 2 Americans could have diabetes or prediabetes (blood sugar...
How do I know if I should stop eating wheat?
Between the uber-popular low-carb Dukan Diet and 17-Day Diet, plus the ever-growing aisles of gluten-free items at the...
5 foods for healthy, sexy skin
When it comes to my skin, I’m vain. But who isn’t? I’ve yet to meet someone—especially a woman...
5 powerful health benefits of asparagus you probably didn’t know
One of the first foods that signals the start of spring is the appearance of fresh asparagus at local farmers’...
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