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We're interested in the power of foods to keep us looking and feeling good. Our editors and expert bloggers search for natural solutions for health—from foods for better skin to what to eat for your eyes and heart. Our health blogs follow the latest scientific research to offer proven actions you can do every day, from foods to eat to ways to work more wellness into your lifestyle.

Oatmeal smackdown: the healthiest fast-food oatmeals
By Brierley Wright, M.S. R.D., EatingWell Nutrition Editor
#1 snack you should eat this year (and the top snack to skip)
By Kerri-Ann Jennings, M.S., R.D., Associate Editor at EatingWell MagazineEven though I spend most of my day writing...
Foods to make holiday stress disappear right now
Unlike many people, I prefer the weeks leading up to Christmas and New Year’s over the actual holiday days. I...
Top 5 holiday temptations & how to beat them
Last week I was watching a cooking segment on TV, when the anchor suspiciously questioned the chef about how much heavy...
4 of the healthiest nuts to pick at the party
If you’re eating with my husband and me you need to be quick to get what you want when it comes to certain foods...
How to fight colds and flu: What works and what doesn’t
The much-dreaded cold and flu season is upon us. And if you’re like me, there isn’t any spare time built...
Why aren’t you eating probiotics yet? 4 health claims explained
You may only know about probiotics (the so-called “good” bacteria that’s best known for being added...
Should you be worried about antibiotics in your meat?
When I heard that this summer the FDA called the misuse and overuse of antibiotics in meat animals a serious threat to...
6 foods to ward off garlic breath
Garlic is one of those ingredients that I always have on hand: there’s a bulb on my kitchen counter and a jar of...
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