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How Long Does OJ Keep Before It Loses Vitamins?
Since we're not big juice drinkers in our house, OJ usually only makes its way into our fridge when guests come to...
When it comes to breast cancer: is soy safe?
Last week I blogged about what to eat right now for better breast health. I received a lot of comments—and...
Why I buy organic apples
As a nutrition editor, I know the value of eating loads of fruits and vegetables. I prefer to buy local when I can, but...
Shed pounds by eating more of this nutrient
I recently had a baby and am trying to lose those last few pregnancy pounds. With a young child and a full-time job, I...
Worried about tainted food? 3 ways to protect yourself
Until a few months ago, I never gave much thought to E. coli. Or salmonella. Sure, I studied these foodborne bugs when...
The new zero-calorie sweetener--is it safe?
I’m always trying to cut back on my added-sugar intake. And apparently I’m not alone: according to a recent survey I...
New study says organic food is not healthier--is that really true?
Is organic food more nutritious than food produced via conventional methods? As a nutrition editor for EatingWell...
Could grilling cause cancer?
For me, summer is practically synonymous with grilling. I love to grill for two reasons. One, it’s a super-quick way to...
Eat your water! 4 fresh foods to keep you hydrated
I know how important it is to stay hydrated and I try to sip water all day, but sometimes I fall behind. So I also try...
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