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When it comes to breast cancer: is soy safe?
Last week I blogged about what to eat right now for better breast health. I received a lot of comments—and...
Why I buy organic apples
As a nutrition editor, I know the value of eating loads of fruits and vegetables. I prefer to buy local when I can, but...
Shed pounds by eating more of this nutrient
I recently had a baby and am trying to lose those last few pregnancy pounds. With a young child and a full-time job, I...
Worried about tainted food? 3 ways to protect yourself
Until a few months ago, I never gave much thought to E. coli. Or salmonella. Sure, I studied these foodborne bugs when...
The new zero-calorie sweetener--is it safe?
I’m always trying to cut back on my added-sugar intake. And apparently I’m not alone: according to a recent survey I...
New study says organic food is not healthier--is that really true?
Is organic food more nutritious than food produced via conventional methods? As a nutrition editor for EatingWell...
Could grilling cause cancer?
For me, summer is practically synonymous with grilling. I love to grill for two reasons. One, it’s a super-quick way to...
Eat your water! 4 fresh foods to keep you hydrated
I know how important it is to stay hydrated and I try to sip water all day, but sometimes I fall behind. So I also try...
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