In honor of the TV show’s upcoming anniversary, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is selling a line of Friends-inspired products (and yep, it’s branded with the Central Perk logo!)

Photo: Jaime Milan

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It may be (almost) 25 years since Friends first premiered, but the celebrations are only beginning! Although true fans probably own some Friends-themed merch-like this adorable shirt or pillow emblazoned with Joey's tagline-there have been few food-related products. That is, until now.

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Thanks to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf-a coffee shop headquartered in Los Angeles, CA-we can finally drinkFriends-themed coffee while debating whether or not Ross and Rachel were *actually* on a break.

If you're lucky enough to live near a Coffee Bean & Leaf cafe, you can enjoy a Friends-themed drink named after you favorite character. From Monica's Midnight Mocha Cold Brew to Joey's Mango Cold Brew Tea, you'll be able to find a drink that you'll enjoy-but you better act quickly because the cafes are only offering the drinks from July 31 to August 27. As an added bonus, there will be a BOGO deal the week of August 4 to celebrate National Friendship Day-all the Friends, for half of the price! As Janice Hosenstein would say, "OH MY GOD!"

If you don't live near a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, the cafe hasn't left you hanging! In addition to Friends-themed mugs, there are three different drink options you can order online and have shipped to you. For coffee lovers, you can choose between 12-ounces of a medium roast with a "sweet flavor and smooth body" or a dark roast with cocoa undertones. But if coffee isn't your thing, you can also buy a 20-count of Central Perk Citrus Berry Black Tea satchels to get your caffeine fix.

Choosing between the three is like asking us to choose our favorite Friends character, so in the name of fairness, we'll be ordering all three options for our next Friends binge session. And at $9.95 per item, we may be placing a few orders because we know our Friends obsession won't be stopping any time soon!

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