"New cookbook, new cover, new food, new frontier!" said the Food Network star.

July 10, 2019

Photo: Pioneer Woman/Instagram

This story originally appeared on people.com by Hannah Chubb.

2019 is set to be a big year for Ree Drummond, the Food Network star best known as the Pioneer Woman. And according to her latest Instagram post, that means a "new cookbook, new cover, new food," and a "new frontier!"

On Tuesday, Drummond, 50, revealed the cover of her new cookbook, The New Frontier, on her Instagram account, featuring an image of her on her Oklahoma ranch holding a platter of grilled meat and veggies.

"I actually stepped outside the kitchen for this cover and it was nice to get a little fresh air for a change! ?" she wrote in the caption of the post. "(Also, I wore a top that was definitely NOT loose and flowy, which in my world is the same as ‘skin tight' so I felt like I was wearing a latex catsuit, but those are my issues to sort out.)," she joked.

The book, set to hit shelves on October 22, will be the sixth Pioneer Woman cookbook to date, and Drummond previously told PEOPLE that, "More than any cookbook before this one, this really reflects my life in terms of what I'm eating." With a mix of low-carb, keto diet-friendly options and a variety of her signature "carbolicious" recipes, Drummond says The New Frontier is "not a keto cookbook or a low-carb cookbook," but it is full of "suggestions for how to lighten up an otherwise really carb-heavy dish."

In addition to the cover reveal, Drummond posted mouthwatering photos of some of the new recipes featured in the book, from donuts to chicken to veggies salads. "This cookbook has been many, many months (almost a year) in the making: Lots of testing, tasting, taking photos, writing, editing…it was a blast!" she continued in the caption. "…it's a mix of all the hearty, tasty dishes my family and I love, but with some delicious curveballs thrown in to keep things fun."

Pioneer Woman/Instagram

Pioneer Woman/Instagram

Drummond finished the post by letting fans know that she's already in the midst of planning a book signing tour for when the cookbook finally comes out. "I hope to be able to meet you somewhere along the way! ❤️❤️❤️," she said.

This article originally appeared on people.com