An event to relish.

January 09, 2020
Getty Images / Kativ

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Pickles, pickles, everywhere. Now that's a sentence we can't argue with.

Which is why, if you're anything like us, you'll want to make it to Mount Olive, North Carolina this spring for their annual North Carolina Pickle Festival. About 70 miles Southeast of Raleigh, this year's festival will take place on Friday, April 24th and Saturday, April 25th with a smattering of events like a pickle eating contest, the "Cuke Patch" 5K run, the "Tour de Pickle" bike race, a car show, and more. There's plenty for youngsters and the pickle-averse to enjoy as well, like live music and carnival rides.

Of course, attendees will also have the chance to sample a dizzying array of pickles whether they're eating  them straight, as a condiment, or stirring them in a bloody mary. One recent pickle fest even sold dill pickle doughnuts for adventurous eaters to enjoy. Check out some pictures from previous festivals below and be prepared for your stomach to start growling.

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If you're wondering why Mount Olive is home to such a Pickle-palooza, it's in large part thanks to the company Mt Olive Pickle Company, which has been in business since 1926. With their Mount Olive headquarters currently located at One Cucumber Blvd (yes, you read that right), you can sample plenty of pickles from the the beloved pickle company at the festival, or pick a jar up at grocery stores around the country (you can order them online, too).

A word for festival-goers: You may want to consider going on a pickle cleanse on the days and weeks leading up to the Mount Olive Pickle Festival to ensure you can truly relish each and every bite.

Have you been to the Mount Olive Pickle Festival before? If so, what's the best thing you tasted there?