Healthy in a Hurry Recipe App for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android

EatingWell's "Healthy in a Hurry" Recipe App makes finding quick and healthy recipes faster than ever. This app puts 200 delicious recipes at your fingertips, from simple breakfasts to quick dinners to decadent desserts, for easy access while shopping, at the office, wherever you are! Available for iOS and Android devices.

Download Healthy in a Hurry App for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch!

The EatingWell "Healthy in a Hurry" App is available through the iPhone App Store. Use your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch for instant access to EatingWell’s delicious "Healthy in a Hurry" recipes.

Top features include:

  • 200 quick, simple and easy-to-prepare recipes from the EatingWell Test Kitchen
  • Preloaded recipes for instant access, no downloading
  • Nutrition icons from EatingWell Magazine
  • Luscious food photography

You can:

  • Browse by course category (appetizer, dinner, dessert, etc.)
  • Search by individual ingredient
  • Filter by Main Ingredient and by Total Time
  • E-mail to a friend to do the shopping!

Available with 6 additional recipe collections


How do I access the EatingWell "Healthy in a Hurry" App?

From your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad: Simply tap the App Store icon and search for “EatingWell.” Select the "Healthy in a Hurry" App and follow the instructions to purchase the App thru your iTunes account!  

Through iTunes: Click here to download the EatingWell "Healthy in a Hurry" App directly, or click on the “iTunes Store” link in the lefthand menu. You’ll see a search box in the upper righthand corner of the screen, which reads “Search iTunes Store.” From here, type “eatingwell” in the search box and the "Healthy in a Hurry" App icon will appear in the search results.  Purchase the App download through your registered iTunes account and then simply connect your device to your computer to synch and download the App!

Download Healthy in a Hurry App for Android!

The EatingWell "Healthy in a Hurry" App for Android is now available. Download now!

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