Which Is Healthier: Apple Pie or Pumpkin Pie?

Find out if apple pie or pumpkin pie is the healthier choice.

There are always two kinds of pie at my family’s Thanksgiving dinner: pumpkin and apple. My husband, Dan, and I have totally different opinions about which is tastier and for each of us there’s no hesitation. He loves pumpkin pie—and if you asked him he’d say that it’s his favorite pie year-round. Me? I’m an apple pie lover. So it’s not tough for either one of us to choose what to enjoy for dessert when that time comes around.

Our debate got me wondering: is one a better choice nutritionally than the other? So I took a look at two EatingWell recipes: Deep-Dish Apple Pie and Holiday Pumpkin Pie. They both start with inherently healthy ingredients, and with EatingWell’s lighter touch they’re better for you than traditional recipes. Here are the recipes and how they stack up against one another. Download a FREE Holiday Dessert Recipe Cookbook!

—Hilary Meyer, Associate Food Editor

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