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Cumin and chili powder season a filling of turkey sausage, tomatoes, black beans and Swiss cheese for creamy acorn squash. Serve this stuffed squash with warmed corn tortillas for wrapping up bites of all the tasty ingredients.

Recipe: Southwestern Stuffed Acorn Squash

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Chickpea, Spinach & Squash Gnocchi

Chickpea, Spinach & Squash …

Currants add a surprising touch of sweetness to this simple sauté of chickpeas, spinach, squash and…View slide
Southwestern Stuffed Acorn Squash

Southwestern Stuffed Acorn …

Cumin and chili powder season a filling of turkey sausage, tomatoes, black beans and Swiss cheese fo…View slide
Roasted Acorn Squash with Cider Drizzle

Roasted Acorn Squash with C…

Roasting squash in the oven caramelizes its natural sugars. Here we serve acorn squash with a cider …View slide
Delicata Squash with Orange & Pistachios

Delicata Squash with Orange…

If you haven’t tried delicata squash, it’s worth seeking out. The skin is tender enough to eat w…View slide
Oven-Roasted Squash with Garlic & Parsley

Oven-Roasted Squash with Ga…

Winter squash becomes tender and sweeter when roasted—a delicious side for a holiday dinner. Look …View slide
Acorn Squash Stuffed with Chard & White Beans

Acorn Squash Stuffed with C…

Acorn squash’s natural shape makes it just right for stuffing. This filling has Mediterranean flai…View slide
Roasted Pumpkin-Apple Soup

Roasted Pumpkin-Apple Soup

Apples add just a hint of sweetness to this velvety pumpkin soup. Try it as a delightful first cours…View slide
Bean & Butternut Tacos with Green Salsa

Bean & Butternut Tacos with…

Beans and roasted butternut squash make an outstanding vegetarian taco filling. For the best flavor,…View slide
Sweet & Savory Beef Stew

Sweet & Savory Beef Stew

This beef stew for two replicates the flavors in tzimmes, a sweet stew traditionally served at Rosh …View slide
Roasted Root Vegetables with Chermoula

Roasted Root Vegetables wit…

Here, a medley of root vegetables and winter squash are roasted with chermoula (also spelled charmou…View slide
Roasted Winter Vegetables with Cheesy Polenta

Roasted Winter Vegetables w…

Creamy polenta laced with sharp Parmigiano-Reggiano makes a savory bed for sweet roasted vegetables.…View slide
Squash Rounds with  Shallot-Cider Sauce

Squash Rounds with Shallot…

A richly flavored caramelized shallot-cider sauce turns baked butternut squash rounds into a beautif…View slide
Squash Tea Bread

Squash Tea Bread

Pureed winter squash, honey and sugar give this tea bread a round, rich sweetness. It's terrific war…View slide
Squash Cheesecake Bars

Squash Cheesecake Bars

Pureed winter squash gives most of the body to these leaner cheesecake bars.…View slide
Spaghetti Squash & Pork Stir-Fry

Spaghetti Squash & Pork Sti…

Here's an unusual but delicious way to use the delicate strands of spaghetti squash—in an Asian-in…View slide
Winter Squash & Chicken Tzimmes

Winter Squash & Chicken Tzi…

Fresh orange juice and cinnamon infuse this winter squash and chicken stew. Tzimmes (pronounced "tsi…View slide
Winter Squash Risotto

Winter Squash Risotto

Sweet winter squash and earthy shiitake mushrooms are delicious in this creamy risotto.…View slide
Mashed Maple Squash

Mashed Maple Squash

Acorn squash makes a sweet substitute for potatoes in this easy mash. Use a serrated grapefruit spoo…View slide
Moroccan-Flavored Pork Ragu

Moroccan-Flavored Pork Ragu

This type of stew is normally cooked slowly for a few hours using tougher and fattier meat from the …View slide
Squash & Leek Lasagna

Squash & Leek Lasagna

Grated butternut squash, pine nuts and sautéed leeks in a creamy white sauce are layered with sheet…View slide
Roasted Pear-Butternut Soup with Crumbled Stilton

Roasted Pear-Butternut Soup…

Here pears are roasted to sweet perfection with butternut squash and pureed to create a creamy soup …View slide
Amazon Bean Soup with Winter Squash & Greens

Amazon Bean Soup with Winte…

Shaped like a flattened drum, buttercup squash most closely resembles the local squash used in this …View slide
Butternut & Barley Pilaf

Butternut & Barley Pilaf

Winter squash contributes a rich, full flavor to a simple barley pilaf. Gremolata, an Italian mixtur…View slide
Squash Pie

Squash Pie

Try this custard pie with buttercup squash, a sweet, orange-fleshed variety that bakes up luscious, …View slide
Turkey & Squash Soup

Turkey & Squash Soup

This Southwestern-inspired turkey-and-squash soup gets a little kick from crushed red pepper and som…View slide
Sweet & Savory Beef Stew

Sweet & Savory Beef Stew

This beef stew for two replicates the flavors in tzimmes, a sweet stew traditionally served at Rosh …View slide
Curried Lentil Stuffed Squash

Curried Lentil Stuffed Squash

In this stuffed squash recipe, a spicy red lentil curry stew fills acorn squash. If you find them at…View slide
Spaghetti Squash & Meatballs

Spaghetti Squash & Meatballs

With this spaghetti squash and meatballs recipe, you can reduce the carbohydrates and increase the v…View slide
Mushroom, Squash & Chicken Salad with Sesame Dressing

Mushroom, Squash & Chicken …

In this healthy main-course chicken salad recipe, dandelion greens and curly chicory pair marvelousl…View slide
Braised Cauliflower & Squash Penne Pasta

Braised Cauliflower & Squas…

In this braised cauliflower and squash penne pasta recipe, we cook the pasta and vegetables in broth…View slide
Stuffed Delicata Squash

Stuffed Delicata Squash

In this Tex-Mex-seasoned stuffed delicata squash recipe we swap out half of the ground beef you’d …View slide
Kale & Squash Galette with Olive Oil Crust

Kale & Squash Galette with …

Kale and kabocha pair deliciously in this healthy vegetarian galette recipe that looks as fabulous a…View slide
Winter Greens Salad with Squash & Cranberry Vinaigrette

Winter Greens Salad with Sq…

In this winter greens salad recipe, the steamed squash adds a tender yielding texture and a mild, al…View slide
Creamy Rye & Butternut Squash Soup

Creamy Rye & Butternut Squa…

This creamy rye and butternut squash soup recipe is a healthier take on a traditional squash and rye…View slide
Butternut Squash & Tomato Posole

Butternut Squash & Tomato P…

Posole is a traditional Mexican stew most often made with pork and hominy (dried corn kernels that h…View slide
Fried Winter Squash with Black Olives

Fried Winter Squash with Bl…

In this sautéed butternut squash recipe, vinegary, caramelized onions and black olives add sweet, s…View slide
Squash & Red Lentil Curry

Squash & Red Lentil Curry

This healthy red lentil curry recipe has a rich flavor and complexity that tastes like it takes hour…View slide
Roasted Salmon & Butternut Squash Salad

Roasted Salmon & Butternut …

The natural sweetness of the squash is amplified by a maple syrup-spiked dressing in this hearty sal…View slide
Roasted Autumn Vegetables & Chicken Sausage

Roasted Autumn Vegetables &…

Butternut squash, Brussels sprouts, garlic and sausage all roast on one sheet pan in this super-easy…View slide
Butternut Squash & Black Bean Tostadas

Butternut Squash & Black Be…

The butternut squash-and-black bean base in these healthy vegetarian tostadas has a mild, sweet-spic…View slide
Honey-Glazed Roasted Delicata Squash

Honey-Glazed Roasted Delica…

Tangy cider vinegar, sweet honey, crunchy pine nuts and fresh mint come together to make an amazing …View slide
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