Vegan Recipes for Thanksgiving


And the Butternut Squash and Barley Pilaf is "an excellent accompaniment to chicken and pork, but would stand on its own with the addition of Parmesan." Yep, just the recipe for a vegan thanksgiving.

Clearly this article is not designed for vegans, but rather for the non-vegan host wondering what to feed their vegan guest. But just a note to to Eating Well and the Omnivore host - the vegan guest really ought to be offered some sort of main course - not just vegetable sides and desert. Really, Eating Well, why would I bother to take the time to click the actual recipes - or search Eating Well's website at all, or refer an omnivore host - when your editor can't properly curate vegan recipe selections? How hard can it be?


10/08/2014 - 11:08pm

This is all under VEGAN recipes for Thanksgiving, and yet you recommend trying the Roasted Squash and Onions with pork or turkey?! I know not everyone is vegan, but really?


10/08/2014 - 10:55pm

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