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Try this roasted-vegetable free-form tart as an appetizer or side dish for a special dinner or as a vegetarian main dish. The pastry dough is very forgiving and quite easy to roll out on parchment paper or a nonstick baking mat. The walnut-studded crust is crisper served warm, but you can enjoy the tart at room temperature or cold too.

Recipe: Sweet Potato, Red Onion & Fontina Tart

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Apple-&-Leek-Stuffed Pork Tenderloin

Apple-&-Leek-Stuffed Pork T…

Stuff pork tenderloin with apple and leek to take it from ordinary to elegant. Our easy method of ty…View slide
Sweet Potato, Red Onion & Fontina Tart

Sweet Potato, Red Onion & F…

Try this roasted-vegetable free-form tart as an appetizer or side dish for a special dinner or as a …View slide
Orange-Roasted Duck

Orange-Roasted Duck

The orange marmalade and soy sauce glaze accentuates the rich, gamy taste of duck. It's an irresisti…View slide
Squash & Leek Lasagna

Squash & Leek Lasagna

Grated butternut squash, pine nuts and sautéed leeks in a creamy white sauce are layered with sheet…View slide
Roasted Pheasant with Wheat Berry Salad

Roasted Pheasant with Wheat…

Pheasant is a small bird with a delicate flavor that's richer than chicken. We roast apples and shal…View slide
Roasted Fall Vegetables in Cheddar Crust

Roasted Fall Vegetables in …

This tart starts with a Cheddar cheese crust that's filled with roasted leeks, fennel and broccoli o…View slide
Roast Chicken with Preserved Lemon & Braised Vegetables

Roast Chicken with Preserve…

The pulp and rind of Moroccan preserved lemons is all you need to lift a pedestrian roast chicken in…View slide
Rustic Mushroom Tart

Rustic Mushroom Tart

Don't let phyllo dough's fussy reputation put you off: our method of brushing olive oil and sprinkli…View slide
Pork Medallions with Fig & Port Wine Sauce

Pork Medallions with Fig & …

This dish showcases how deliciously pork complements the sweet and tart tastes of fruit.…View slide
Savory Carrot & Tarragon Tart

Savory Carrot & Tarragon Tart

The bright orange carrots in this savory tart are a feast for the eyes and the palate. Tarragon lend…View slide
Salmon with Red Wine-Morel Sauce

Salmon with Red Wine-Morel …

Dried mushrooms give this rich red-wine sauce an almost meaty flavor. Look for them in the produce d…View slide
Mediterranean Couscous Cabbage Rolls

Mediterranean Couscous Cabb…

We love the subtle flavor of cinnamon with fresh mint in these vegetarian cabbage rolls stuffed with…View slide
Game Hens with Brussels Sprouts & Chestnuts

Game Hens with Brussels Spr…

Game hens are even easier to prepare than chicken and help make your celebration more festive. Their…View slide
Acorn Squash Stuffed with Chard & White Beans

Acorn Squash Stuffed with C…

Acorn squash’s natural shape makes it just right for stuffing. This filling has Mediterranean flai…View slide
Pork Tenderloin Stuffed with Porcini Mushrooms

Pork Tenderloin Stuffed wit…

Stuffing this lean pork with mushrooms adds not only elegance but also flavor and juiciness.…View slide
Broccoli & Goat Cheese Souffle

Broccoli & Goat Cheese Souffle

This elegant broccoli and goat cheese soufflé will wow your family and friends. Soufflés are surpr…View slide
Quail with Ginger-Cranberry Pilaf

Quail with Ginger-Cranberry…

Here, we sear quail in a skillet and then finish them in the oven over a bed of pear- and cranberry-…View slide
Plank-Grilled Sweet Soy Salmon

Plank-Grilled Sweet Soy Salmon

Using a plank to grill fish keeps it from sticking or falling through the grate and imparts a subtle…View slide
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