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We love the bright flavor that lime and chile-garlic sauce give to this quick and easy veggie-and-noodle stir-fry. Multicolored peppers make this recipe festive, while the addition of eggs makes it a satisfying vegetarian supper.

Recipe: Chile-Lime Veggie Noodles

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Chicken Breasts with Green Chile-Almond Cream Sauce

Chicken Breasts with Green …

Here we topped seared chicken breasts with a green chile cream sauce that was inspired by green mole…View slide
South Indian Shrimp Kebabs with Cilantro Sauce

South Indian Shrimp Kebabs …

Cilantro, lemon zest, chiles, paprika, ginger, garlic, cumin and fenugreek make up the South Asian-i…View slide
Red Chile-Spiked Chocolate Mousse

Red Chile-Spiked Chocolate …

The idea of chile with chocolate still surprises most people, but the duo pairs beautifully in many …View slide
Grilled Fish Tacos

Grilled Fish Tacos

Instead of deep-frying the fish for these fish tacos, we coat the fish with a flavor-packed chile ru…View slide


Enjoy this traditional Southwestern dish of sautéed summer squash, onions and peppers as a side or …View slide
Spicy Thai Barbecued Oysters

Spicy Thai Barbecued Oysters

The great thing about barbecuing oysters is you don’t need to shuck them. Put the oysters right on…View slide
Ranch Chiles Rellenos with Ancho Chile Salsa

Ranch Chiles Rellenos with …

Dark green, shiny poblano chiles are the traditional choice for chiles rellenos. They have great fla…View slide
Jamaican Curried Shrimp & Mango Soup

Jamaican Curried Shrimp & M…

Transport yourself to the islands with this Jamaican-inspired soup, full of fresh shrimp and sweet m…View slide
Butterflied Grilled Chicken with a Chile-Lime Rub

Butterflied Grilled Chicken…

A quick and efficient way to cook a whole bird on the grill is to butterfly it. This method is so po…View slide
Sweet Potato & Black Bean Chili

Sweet Potato & Black Bean C…

Make a double batch of this quick vegetarian chili, full of black beans and sweet potatoes, and eat …View slide
Tex-Mex Summer Squash Casserole

Tex-Mex Summer Squash Casse…

Chiles and cheese turn mild summer squash into a zesty, satisfying casserole. The jalapenos make thi…View slide
Chicken “Carne” Adovada

Chicken “Carne” Adovada

Here we braise chicken thighs in a brick-red chile sauce. This dish is even tastier the next day. Se…View slide
Jícama & Cucumber Salad with Red Chile Dressing

Jícama & Cucumber Salad wi…

This salad combines cucumber and jícama with a sweet-sour, slightly spicy vinaigrette and makes a g…View slide
Pinto Bean & Andouille Sausage Stew

Pinto Bean & Andouille Saus…

An adaptation of the Andalusian dish fabada, this pinto bean stew is seasoned with andouille sausage…View slide
Spicy Stewed Potatoes & Spinach with Buttermilk (Aloo chaas)

Spicy Stewed Potatoes & Spi…

This stewlike potato and spinach curry can be served as a side dish or as part of a vegetarian buffe…View slide
Grilled Pork Tenderloin Marinated in Spicy Soy Sauce

Grilled Pork Tenderloin Mar…

Crisp on the outside and buttery-tender on the inside, these sweet and spicy soy sauce-marinated por…View slide
Poblano & Skirt Steak Fajitas

Poblano & Skirt Steak Fajitas

This variation on fajitas pairs fresh poblanos with steak and scallions. Skirt steak has fabulous fl…View slide
Quick Chile Dilly Beans

Quick Chile Dilly Beans

Late in summer, glorious canned goods like dilly beans are up for judging at county fairs and are so…View slide
Easy Black Beans

Easy Black Beans

These easy black beans are the perfect accompaniment to any Mexican fiesta.…View slide
Vegan Migas

Vegan Migas

Crumbled soft tofu is often used to make satisfying, egg-free scrambles so it’s a natural for a ve…View slide
Creamy Green Chile Chicken Soup

Creamy Green Chile Chicken …

Here’s a favorite Southwestern chicken soup recipe featuring the exquisite New Mexican green chile…View slide
Cowboy Beef & Bean Chili

Cowboy Beef & Bean Chili

Anything but dainty, this healthy cowboy beef and bean chili recipe is hearty with the addition of m…View slide
EatingWell King Ranch Casserole

EatingWell King Ranch Casse…

This healthy Tex-Mex King Ranch casserole recipe is typically made with cans of cream-of-something s…View slide
Korean Turkey Burgers with Kimchi

Korean Turkey Burgers with …

Korean chile paste (also known as gochujang) blended into the ground turkey makes this turkey burger…View slide
Vegetarian Thai Red Curry

Vegetarian Thai Red Curry

This flavorful vegetarian Thai red curry recipe matches sweet potatoes with fresh dandelion greens a…View slide
Vegetarian Spinach Enchiladas

Vegetarian Spinach Enchiladas

This vegetarian enchilada recipe is weeknight-fast when you skip the step of filling and rolling the…View slide
Chipotle-Cheddar Broiled Avocado Halves

Chipotle-Cheddar Broiled Av…

In this avocado side-dish recipe, zesty avocado halves are topped with melted Cheddar cheese and bro…View slide
Chile-Lime Veggie Noodles

Chile-Lime Veggie Noodles

We love the bright flavor that lime and chile-garlic sauce give to this quick and easy veggie-and-no…View slide
Green Curry Soup

Green Curry Soup

This aromatic green curry soup is packed with spinach, mushrooms, green beans and broccoli stems (sa…View slide
Chile-Roasted Broccoli

Chile-Roasted Broccoli

This quick broccoli side dish recipe gets heat from your choice of pepper. If you prefer things on t…View slide
Santa Fe Chile Colorado

Santa Fe Chile Colorado

This easy beef stew recipe with corn and potatoes is all about the chile flavor. New Mexico red chil…View slide
Dan Dan Noodles with Shrimp

Dan Dan Noodles with Shrimp

Skip takeout and make these delicious, healthy dan dan noodles with a sesame-soy sauce, shrimp and p…View slide
Vietnamese Shrimp & Mango Lettuce Wraps

Vietnamese Shrimp & Mango L…

Large, untorn butter lettuce leaves are best for rolling up the filling in these Asian lettuce wraps…View slide
Grilled Tomatillo-Chipotle Salsa (Salsa de Tomatillo Asado con Chile Chipotle)

Grilled Tomatillo-Chipotle …

In this healthy salsa recipe, tomatillos are softened on the grill and slightly charred for smoky fl…View slide
Chile-Marinated Skirt Steak (Carne Asada en Adobo de Guajillo)

Chile-Marinated Skirt Steak…

In this Mexican-inspired steak recipe, dried chiles are toasted, soaked and pureed to make a flavorf…View slide
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