Hearty Soup and Stew Recipes (Slide 23)


I have never heard of Borscht being made with beef. It has always been chicken where I have been. Chickens can be raised in numbers on the small plots of land, while the few cows I saw were always dairy. In fact I saw mostly goats for dairy all over Eastern Europe since they take up less space.


10/06/2015 - 5:01pm

Dsappointing. Most of these are soups (hardly hearty at all) and there are few stews. The better title would be Soups and a Few Stews.


06/16/2013 - 11:40am

Wow, I loved this soup. So did everyone who i gave a taste to.

It was definitely worth the bit of work it took. It was almost... zen making this on a rainy Saturday with the peeling and the scooping and the chopping.

It took 2 1/2 pie pumpkins. I added the 6 cups of chicken stock to my dutch oven and used an immersion blender.

It went great with a warm baguette.

I was surprised how flavorful the 4 apples made this dish.

I would serve yearly!


10/20/2010 - 6:19pm

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