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Charring tomatoes in a cast-iron skillet yields smoky results.

Recipe: Charred Tomato & Chicken Tacos

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Catalan Sauté of Chicken with Sausage, Capers & Herbs

Catalan Sauté of Chicken w…

Whole chicken legs, turkey sausage, tomatoes and fresh herbs are a delicious combination in this Cat…View slide
Moroccan Skirt Steak with Roasted Pepper Couscous

Moroccan Skirt Steak with R…

Thin cuts of beef, such as skirt steak or sirloin steak, cook very quickly when seared in a hot skil…View slide
Charred Tomato & Chicken Tacos

Charred Tomato & Chicken Tacos

Charring tomatoes in a cast-iron skillet yields smoky results.…View slide
Potato-Rosemary Skillet Flatbreads

Potato-Rosemary Skillet Fla…

This satisfying skillet flatbread recipe is wonderfully soft thanks to the inclusion of mashed potat…View slide
Peach & Blueberry Cobbler

Peach & Blueberry Cobbler

This is a healthier version of a traditional cobbler, with canola oil in place of some of the butter…View slide
Apple, Sauerkraut & Cheddar Quesadillas

Apple, Sauerkraut & Cheddar…

This combination may seem unusual—until you try it. The sweet-tartness of the apple, creaminess of…View slide
Chicken with Tarragon Cream Sauce

Chicken with Tarragon Cream…

A touch of lemon-tarragon cream elevates simply sauteed chicken breasts. Serve accompanied by whole-…View slide
Crispy Potatoes with Green Beans & Eggs

Crispy Potatoes with Green …

This is a one-skillet meal, reminiscent of diner fare at roadside restaurants across the U.S. It can…View slide
Vegan Migas

Vegan Migas

Crumbled soft tofu is often used to make satisfying, egg-free scrambles so it’s a natural for a ve…View slide
Wok-Seared Chicken & Vegetables (Kadhai murghi)

Wok-Seared Chicken & Vegeta…

This colorful stir-fry combines green bell pepper, orange carrots and red onion along with spice-coa…View slide
One-Skillet Bean & Broccoli Rabe Supper

One-Skillet Bean & Broccoli…

If beans and greens are not a part of your regular menu, this one-pot dish will change your mind. Sa…View slide
Basque Vegetable Rice

Basque Vegetable Rice

Zucchini, onion, tomatoes and bell peppers stud this paella-inspired rice dish. You may add other ve…View slide
Seared Scallops with Sautéed Cucumbers

Seared Scallops with Sauté…

Sweet sea scallops pair beautifully with lightly sauteed cucumbers. Try adding a handful of julienne…View slide
Tuscan Cabbage & Mushrooms

Tuscan Cabbage & Mushrooms

Savoy cabbage, shiitake mushrooms and leeks are braised together in this earthy Italian side dish.…View slide
Cranberry Upside-Down Cake

Cranberry Upside-Down Cake

This rustic cake is a delicious alternative to pie and uses one of the tastiest fruits of the fall h…View slide
Mushroom & Wild Rice Frittata

Mushroom & Wild Rice Frittata

Packed with a flavorful medley of chewy wild rice and three kinds of mushrooms, this satisfying frit…View slide
Steak Bun

Steak Bun

“Bun” is a Vietnamese noodle dish typically made with cold rice noodles, lots of crunchy vegetab…View slide
Corned Beef Latkes

Corned Beef Latkes

Crispy latkes become the main event with the addition of deli corned beef in this healthy dinner rec…View slide
Steak with Glazed Carrots & Turnips

Steak with Glazed Carrots &…

This cast-iron steak recipe has what it takes to transform beef and vegetables from basic to brillia…View slide
Cornbread-Topped Chili Casserole

Cornbread-Topped Chili Cass…

In this healthy casserole recipe—sometimes called tamale pie—the cornbread gets crusty at the ed…View slide
Middle Eastern Chicken & Chickpea Stew

Middle Eastern Chicken & Ch…

This quick, protein-rich chicken stew recipe gets great flavor from cumin, lemon juice and garlic. M…View slide
Cauliflower & Kale Frittata

Cauliflower & Kale Frittata

Inspired by traditional Spanish tortillas made with potatoes, this healthy frittata recipe swaps pot…View slide
Spinach & Cheese Breakfast Skillet

Spinach & Cheese Breakfast …

Eating a big healthy breakfast‚ like this 700-calorie hash-and-egg recipe‚ may help lower your l…View slide
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